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Styria and Prekmurje, the two north-eastern regions of Slovenia, boast a long tradition of processing pumpkin seeds into oil. Historical records on pumpkin seed pressing and the oldest press, built in 1750 in Styria, testify that the tradition of pumpkin seed oil production started as early as in the 18th century. In the 19th century, the production of oil from pumpkin seeds expanded throughout the Styrian and Prekmurje regions. Factory GEA, located in the heart of Styria, has been producing pumpkin seed oil since 1904.


The quality of pumpkin seed oil depends mainly on the quality of the pumpkin seeds used. The finer the quality of pumpkin seeds, the more exquisite the pumpkin seed oil produced. We at GEA are well aware of this fact.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia has granted GEA pumpkin seed oil a certificate declaring that the factory GEA produces pumpkin seed oil of Styria and Prekmurje with geographical indication. The GEA pumpkin seed oil of Styria and Prekmurje therefore rightfully belongs among the protected special Slovenian agricultural products and foods.

In 2012, pumpkin seed oil entered in the Register of European protected geographical indications (PGI).

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